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Hey, my name is Araix. I’m a Internet entrepreneur. I love building amazing products and services that scale.

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Why Website is Important for your Small Business?

A website that presents business powerfully on the web is what everyone is looking for. But why having a good website is important for business? What are the benefits of having a business website? What does a website do for a business? As a small business owner, you...

10 Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t Be An Entrepreneur

While making some edits to my LinkedIn profile last week, I struggled to put the word ‘Entrepreneur’ to my title. I really wanted to be sure before I put it there because I didn’t want to sound like a wannabe who wrote it because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. What...

The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

So you had a great idea for an eCommerce venture and after days of hard work, you finally get your website ready and then put it online. The products are listed, the prices are set, the offers and discounts are clearly mentioned…but, there are no visitors! Welcome to...

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