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Back in 2014 when I left my day job thinking I will find something to do online. At that time, I had an active YouTube channel and a few Blogger blogs. My videos on YouTube was not creative and blog post on blogger was copied from other blogs that I liked. Some videos I captured using my phone which was about random subjects like someone fishing, religious place tours, etc. I knew that I can make money online via my YouTube channel and blogger, so I signed up for an AdSense account. During the same time, I had left my job and was searching for opportunities to make money online. I was making a small amount of money from YouTube, I did get payment from YouTube after 4 months of AdSense.

When I started searching for ways to make money online. I was looking for a quick and easy way to make money online. I didn't have any skill that I can have used to do something valuable apart from uploading videos to YouTube and copy-pasting. I think many people fall into the same trap when they start their journey to make money online. They look for an easy way. If you keep looking for an easy way, then you will fall victim to online scams and fake gurus. I never fall into any scam but I did waste lots of time following online fake gurus and chasing a false dream. I should have focused on building valuable skills and taking my YouTube channel seriously.

After trying many ways to start making money online, I do get to teach myself some skills. Also, one thing that stopped me from my success was that I didn't have money to invest in my business. Moreover, I was afraid and it was impossible to ask my Indian parents to give me some money for my business investment. Forget about my parents giving me money for the business investment, they were asking me for money because they thought I was working so I must be making money. 

It was a hard day for me. I was spending all of my time learning and doing anything that can give me hope. After trying to make money online via Blogging, affiliate marketing, social media etc for 1 year. I started freelancing. Since then, I started making enough money to pay my bill and save a few bucks to invest. I still kept affiliate marketing sites and other few blogs in a side hustle that I had deleted and recycled a few times.

As of 2022, It has been 7 years as a freelancer. My future goal is to become a published author. I have a few novel ideas that I have written only summary, so I can remember the idea. My focus in the upcoming years is to complete my novel. I wish to find motivation and time for my writing. I have started a publishing company called “Bookllo Publishing” that offers services to authors with self-publishing and book marketing. Working with other authors as a freelancer for me is inspiring.

I am planning to write blog posts on my blog, araixuniversity.com weekly. You can signup for my blog newsletter to follow up with me.

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