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I accept guest posts on my blog. I may even feature it on my homepage if I like it enough. This means you can write an article and boost your exposure through my blog. I only accept original content. If you are already searching for a blog to post your guest post, then I don't need to explain the benefits of the guest post. I hope you know that.

The article must be in English, with a minimum of up to 1000 words, and must provide a valuable resource for my readers. If you'd like to submit a guest post on my blog, please read my guest post guideline below and send me the article via email. I may even contact you if I need any changes and reject anything that does not follow my guest post guidelines.

Guest Post Guidelines:

1. My Blog is about marketing, small business, technology, startup, and B2B. That means your article needs to be within my blog niche.

2. Keep your article informative and grammatically correct.

3. Don't send me content that you have already published elsewhere. And, I do research before I post any article on my blog. If I find that you have copied someone else content, then I will report your blog. In simple words, don't waste my time.

4. Backlink building is not fun, but it is necessary for SEO, I understand that, BUT spamming someone blog with garbage content is not cool either. Don't send me content for the sole purpose of building a backlink, please.

5. Make sure to send me informative, well-researched content, non-promotional. If I find your content to be promotional, then I will charge you $30 for publishing your article.

6. Nothing

7. Thank you, looking forward to publishing your article on my blog.

Please contact me via email. 

Write for us - Internet Marketing, Small Business, Technology, Startup News Blog