Get an ISBN for $39 with FREE Barcode - Book Publishing on Amazon and IngramSpark

Get an ISBN for $39 with FREE Barcode - Book Publishing on Amazon and IngramSpark

If you're an author looking to self-publish your book, you need to get a ISBN. ISBNs are unique codes that identify your book and allow it to be sold internationally. You can get a free ISBN from a variety of sources, including your national ISBN agency or your book's printer.

Getting an ISBN number is a good idea for a few reasons. For one, you can avoid a big problem because many companies won't even look at a book without an ISBN. So if you ever want to make any money from your book, you'll need to get one. Another thing is that it helps you maximize the book's sales because when you get an ISBN, you add credibility to your book. Plus, because you'll have an ISBN, you'll be able to market your book much better, which leads to better sales.

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If you are going to self-publish your book and at the same time want to build strong credibility for your book, then you need an ISBN (at least for the paperback book).

If you use my ISBN, then my company (imprint name) will act as the publisher of your book. You can also use my company logo and website URL on your book copyright page. This will give a professional look to your book.

I will also list your book on my company website and post it on our social media as a bonus.

There are platy of benefits to having your own ISBN for each publication (Ebook, Paperback, etc).

You hold the copyright and royalties. I will just assign your book to an ISBN from our own company. We don't limit and control your publication If you use our ISBN.

You won't be able to publish your book (ebook, paperback, etc) on Amazon or anywhere without an ISBN. The good part is that most book publishing platforms will provide you a free ISBN, but it comes with its own limitations and a few downsides. 

The biggest downside of using a free ISBN is that everyone will know that your book is self-published. And, must book distributors or sellers would rather not list self-published books due to quality issues.

Your book ISBN is the identification number of your book. If you have put great effort into creating your book, then WHY not use your own ISBN.

ISBNs are a great way to track how well a book is selling. They're used by book stores, libraries, and distributors. If you have a book that you want to publish, you'll need to get an ISBN. Even if you're just writing a series of eBooks, it's a good idea to get a single ISBN to use for all of them. It's a one-time fee, and you can always make more books later!

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ISBNs aren't cheap. They're the numbers that are used to identify books in the publishing world. It's an integral part of any book with a long shelf life. We help customers get ISBNs starting at $34.99!

You've likely heard of ISBN's, but are not exactly sure what that stands for. The International Standard Book Number is a unique identifier given to publishers to track books, magazines, and other publications. This system has been around since the 1950s. For decades, you could only get an ISBN if you ran a publishing company. Today, the process is simpler thanks to us! We have ISBN hosting packages where you can get one ISBN or multiple ISBNs starting at $34.99. We even have affiliate packages, so you can earn extra money for helping people buy ISBNs! Our system is secure, fast, and the best part of all is that you don't have to pay until you are completely happy.

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Our publishing packages are the beginning of a beautiful book! Whether you plan on writing a short story or a novel, we have publishing packages to help you get the ISBN you need. All you have to do is choose a package and add in your book info and purchase it. Then, you can go into our portal and fill in the information. Thereafter, we'll send you a copy of your book in a few days! We provide a huge range of options to satisfy various needs. If you're in a rush, we have packages with two-day delivery! We also offer packages at a more affordable price if you're on a budget. We try to make sure everyone can get their book published with easy steps and fast delivery. We want to get more eyes on your work and help get more people reading your book!

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