Hire Top Facebook Ads Experts on Fiverr, Facebook Marketing Freelancer

Hire Top Facebook Ads Experts on Fiverr, Facebook Marketing Freelancer

Facebook Ads are a great way to engage your audience and make them aware of your business. They are a great marketing tool for any type of business that needs to find new clients or customers. However, some people will say that Facebook ads are too expensive. This can be true if you're not careful with your budget and you don't know how to create effective campaigns.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid this issue. A good way to cut the cost of Facebook Ads would be to set up conversion pixels on your website in order to exclude people who have already seen the offer on Facebook. Facebook Ads are a great tool for any business big or small.

A good way to cut the cost of Facebook Ads is to set up conversion pixels on your website in order to exclude people who have already seen the offer on Facebook.

Hiring a freelancer could be the best decision you have made. You can employ them in any time, any place, and in any position.

The best part is that they are easily available to you and they can do a lot of things for you, unlike an employee. And it is easy to hire them because there are many platforms that provide the service of finding the right person for your work.

There are many other benefits of hiring a freelancer like they will never complain about things that they don't like. They won't ask for holidays or other leaves, unlike an employee who would leave your business when you need them the most. And this is why hiring a freelancer could be one of the best decisions that you have taken in your business as it saves both time and money.

Here are the Top 10 Facebook Ads Experts on Fiverr Marketplace

I will set up Facebook and Instagram ads for leads and sales

By valleys2785

Are you looking for a Marketer with a REALLY LARGE experience?

I think that working with more than 2000+ Small Businesses gives me an edge over the competition. I've seen almost anything and I'd love to boost your Business and Revenue with Facebook and Instagram ads!

This is what you will get from this gig:

Ad account audit – I will look into your previous activity and I will make a deep ad account audit that can help me identify areas for improvement.

Extensive audience research - this is the most important and my focus area. Using advanced methods, I will research the best keywords and target your ideal customer. *(1500+ happy clients https://www.fiverr.com/valleys2785/give-you-high-profit-audience-for-your-facebook-ads)

Ads creation - I will use your best images/videos or provide alternative stock images and write outstanding copies that speak to your target audience.

Please contact me before ordering to discuss your specific needs and goals for your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Order Now and boost your online presence!

I will set up and manage your Facebook and Instagram ads campaign

manage your Facebook and Instagram ads

By manish_ramola12

Note:- Please contact me before placing an order & discuss

I am Manish a digital marketer, And I was a former digital marketing expert in Cognizant with more than 5+ years of experience in the digital marketing industry and I have expertise in Facebook & Instagram Ads during this time I have managed Ads campaigns for multiple clients and had spent over million $ on ads for clients.

I will help you to reach your target audience for your business who are most likely to take action boost your content across devices & Figure out the marketing goal that's right for you.

Facebook/Instagram Ads Campaign Strategy For Your Business:

✔ Landing Page analysis & Testing
✔ Setup Campaign Goals as per your business objective
✔ Create a Detailed Buyer Persona for your business
✔ Target Audience Research & Competitor Research
✔ A/B testing across the campaigns
✔ Install Facebook Pixel
✔ Setup Ad group and Ad set
✔ Remarketing & Create a lookalike audience
✔ Campaign Optimization & Reporting

If you are looking for Facebook & Instagram Ads specialist to set up and manage your campaign Just order now and you will see the difference.

I will research the ultimate audience to target with Facebook ads

ultimate audience to target with Facebook ads

By sam2406

How Do You Sell Snowshoes To A Camel? My Audience Research Will Do Just That. 

Take a minute, imagine this…

You have a proven way to STOP wasting time & money showing your ads to the wrong people!

Target audience research is essential to take the conversion rates of your Facebook ads to a whole new level. 

-  Your Facebook Ads are not performing.
-  You’re finding it difficult to generate qualified leads.
-  You’re struggling to find the time to research your audience.

Well... you came to the right place: virtual high-five ✋

Why choose my gig? 
Target the right people, increase click-through rates, find profitable interests, and generate a positive ROI while saving time & money!

So what does my gig provide?
Profitable interests to target (15, 20, or 25)
Hyper-targeted audiences (1, 2, or 3)
Ad optimization action plan (Standard/Premium only) 
Custom ad funnel ideas + basic strategy (Premium only) 

Satisfaction Guarantee: I work until you’re 100% satisfied.
Please send me a message so we can figure out the perfect package! Let's take ad success to a whole new level.
P.s. a FREE bonus is sent with every order!

I will be your Facebook and Instagram ads expert

Facebook and Instagram ads expert

By mymarketingpro

Your business deserves the BEST! Get the most out of your advertising and dominate 2022 on Facebook & Instagram.

Hi, I'm Rahul your personal ads expert and I have a master’s degree in business management & marketing and over 6 years of experience in PPC (pay per click) advertising & social media promotion. I specialize in Facebook & Google ads. If you are new in the digital space or want to get professional help in optimizing your current ads then I am at your service. So, feel free to contact me or order now.

What’s included (Standard & Premium)

✔️ Setting up a conversion-driven campaign
✔️ Writing ad copies & targeting the right Facebook audience
✔️ Creative by our graphics designers (add-on)
✔️ Setting up the pixel (installation of the code is an add-on)

My expertise is in:

✔️ Lead Generation & E-commerce campaign promotion (Facebook + Instagram)
✔️ 2022 Facebook (Meta) strategies
✔️ Auditing old campaigns
✔️ Event pixel setup
✔️ Precise Re-targeting & lookalike audience

Note: Any sensitive/personal information for the service (zoom/e-mail) will be discussed in order page messages.

Note: Management is included at additional cost. Please message me for more

I will design high converting Facebook ads

high converting Facebook ads

By genioblu

I will design High-Converting, Premium Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, IG and FB Stories, Posts, Facebook Covers, Web Banners, Headers or Social Media Post Images.
  • Eye-catching and high-converting designs (under guidelines)
  • NO DESIGN TEMPLATE, I'll design from scratch
  • Unlimited revisions (until satisfaction)
  • PREMIUM stock photos or images
  • Source files (editable work files in Photoshop .psd)
  • Contact me anytime
  • Extra fast service (choose 24-hour delivery)
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
This Gig is about static images. NO video/animated Ads and NO ad campaign setup. Not looking for Facebook Ads? I will design ads for any other platform (Instagram, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, etc).

Please see the extras to boost your results!

I designed more than 15000 Facebook Ads for almost every niche/business. I have a lot of data and experience and this allows me to design high-converting ads.

If you have any questions regarding this gig please contact me and I will be very happy to help you get the best Facebook Ads for your business.

I will do my best to meet your needs and have a great working experience together: ORDER NOW

I will design high-quality carousel for Facebook ads campaign

carousel for Facebook ads campaign

By ttasev92

I'm Teo. Graphic design is a big passion of mine and I'm always trying to create simple, yet attractive and eye-catching graphics, which will immediately grab your client's attention.

It would be my absolute pleasure to work with you and If you are searching for attractive and eye-catching Facebook carousel designs, then you have come to the right place!

What you will get with this gig is the following:
  • Starting from only $20, I will design professional and engaging Facebook Ad carousel images that convert, under Facebook's guidelines
  • You will earn more sales thanks to the attractive designs
  • Extra fast service and responses
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Here is what I need to get started:
  • Specific texts, that you want to be included in the ad banners
  • URL of your website (if you have)
  • Images or Image concepts
  • Color preference. (if you have)
If you have any questions regarding this gig offer please contact me and I will be very happy to help you get the best images for you and your business.

★★★ Order now! Exclusively on fiverr.com ★★★

I will setup Facebook ads campaign in ads manager

Facebook ads campaign in ads manager

By cshohel34

Facebook ADs Campaign, Targeted Audience, High-Quality Traffic, Best Possible ROI - Guaranteed!

Facebook is the top social media right now with 2 billion daily active users. You can easily target your potential customers by fb marketing to increase sales, and website traffic. Facebook AD is the most ideal and cost-effective way to reach the targeted customers and convert them as your buying customer.

Core Services:
  • Business Manager and AD Manager Setup and Settings
  • Target Audience by Demographics, Interests and Behaviors.
  • Appropriate Objective Selection
  • Manual Placement
  • Optimized Bid
  • Pixel Setup
  • Custom Audience Setup
  • A/B Testing
  • AD Copy, Description and CTA Button
  • Carousel and Catalogue Setup
  • Old Campaign Optimization
  • Brand Awareness & Reach
  • Traffic
  • Post Engagement
  • Page Promotion
  • Messenger Campaign
  • Video Views
  • App Install
  • Lead Generation
  • Event Promotion
  • Conversion
  • Store Traffic
  • Retargeting
  • Lookalike
Why ME?
  • Technical Support
  • Detailed report in PDF
  • After Sales Support

I will create effective Facebook and Instagram ads campaign to grow your business

Instagram ads campaign to grow your business

By saymon_pro13

Welcome to My Social media manager and Facebook Ads Campaign creation GIG.

Hi There, I am Saymon Ahmed. I am an expert on digital marketing and social media management. I am also passionate about it.

I will create Facebook ads or Facebook ads campaigns for your business.
If you can develop your business, extend your targeted audience, create brand value, get more sales by creating perfect Facebook advertising. I can set up perfect Facebook ads for you if you give the chance.

I will Provide:

✅  Audience Research
✅ Targeted Ad Setup
✅ Create Ads Campaign 
✅ Manage and Optimize ads
✅ Create an Instagram campaign
✅ Competitor Analysis
✅ Pixel Installation and Tracking
✅ Re-targeting /  Custom audience / Lookalike
✅ Full Support for campaigns after the gig is over.

Ads Campaigns Which I Can Setup & Run:

👉 Conversions ads.
👉 Website traffic/clicks.
👉 Promote page for likes.
👉 Post engagements.
👉 Event promotion.
👉 Get video views.

Why me:

100% Quality maintain 
Full support even after the order complete
On-time delivery

STRATEGY: Your satisfaction is my main goal. I will work to make your business profitable.


I will be your Facebook ads manager

your Facebook ads manager

By giditrips

★★★ Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed ★★★

I consistently turn advertising into a profitable investment, by finding your ideal prospects online and then delivering the right message to convert them into paying customers.

I have in-depth knowledge with Facebook/Instagram tools such as the Facebook Ad Manager, Audience Insights & Pixel with 4-years of experience in Social media campaigns implementation and optimizations.

I have accurate & adequate knowledge of setting up ads with:

WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop & BigeCommerce, Click Funnel, Eventbrite and lots more.

I can setup & run:
  • Conversion Campaigns
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Post Engagement Campaigns
  • Retargeting/Remarketing Campaigns
This gig includes:
  • Creating & setting up new ad campaigns
  • Optimize or audit existing campaigns that are not giving you results.
  • Evaluate existing ads/landing pages
  • Set up target audience by Location, Demographics, Interests or Behaviors.
  • Help you create & setup Facebook Business Manager Account (Ad Account, Page & Pixel)
  • Suggestions/bits of Advice for best results using best practices.
Please read the FAQ below and PLACE AN ORDER!

I will be your certified Facebook ads manager

certified Facebook ads manager

By marcinspozaf

"Marcin is a true professional. Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Facebook Ad campaigns, and he is happy to share his knowledge. Very flexible with scheduling and an awesome communicator. Will hire again!"

Facebook Ads Management for your business by a certified professional

Working with 100+ businesses
Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional

How do I help?
  • Funnel creation
  • Strategy
  • Pixel installation
  • Target and lookalike audience
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Creatives
  • Remarketing and Retargeting
  • Data Analytics
  • Full campaign creation
Over the past 3+ years, I have consulted, and worked with many business and individual clients, providing them with great results.

I will bring knowledge, professionalism, and skill to your business.

***Remember that I can't guarantee results. I'm here to help you grow your business with the best possible practices in Facebook and Instagram advertising.***
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