The Best VPN Services That Money can BUY or get for FREE (Expert Experience)

The Best VPN Services That Money can BUY or get for FREE (Expert Experience)

It seems like every YouTuber is sealing VPN. How the heck this VPN company are making that much money to buy the whole influencer on YouTube. They always claim that their service is very cheap, so even with this cheap pricing where the money is coming from. Is your VPN company selling your data to make money? What is secret behind this VPN things and influencer who is promoting this VPN crape.

In this article, I am going to share with my thought on VPN and best VPN company. Trust me, I am not one of influencer who is sponsored by VPN company and affiliated.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a computer software or mobile, or it could be a browser extension that help you connect to internet using someone else IP address. Each device connected to internet need an IP address, this is how internet work. Using VPN, you can use IP address of company who created that VPN. By using someone else IP address, that means you location of device change too. As internet is global, you can change the location of your internet device anywhere in the world by changing your IP address. This is the only main feature of a VPN.

Leading that you can claim VPN help you with privacy and XYZ. Most of VPN claims are full of crap.

Do You Really Need a VPN?

There are many reasons to use a VPN. Protecting privacy is one of them, but it is not totally safe. You don't know what going on behind the company who created this VPN. The question is a matter of trust. VPN company and these YouTuber say that your ISP (internet service provide) and your government are bad guys. But, it doesn't make them a good guy. And, in the must case, VPN are worse than your ISP. Recent VPN company data leak have revealed their dirty secret.

If you really want privacy online, then use Tor Browser. It's free, completely hide your IP address and make you anonymous. There are few downsides of using Tor Browser, like your Internet speed over Tor network will be slow, and you can't access banking, payment site as they don't allow for security reasons.

Here Are Good Reason to Use VPN:

Unblock Websites

This is the main reason, and only good reason, to use a VPN service. In my home country India - porn, torrent, pirate sites and many other sites are banned by the government. So if you need to access the banned sites, then you got to use the VPN.

There are few other cases where website owner have exclusively banned your country and don't provide services in your country, but same service is available in other countries. In this case, you can take advantage of VPN service to make your life easier. When I come across website that are inaccessible in my country, then I use a third-party proxy to unblock the site. 

There are sites like that can help you unblock any website without need for downloading a software. It's fast and easy. Sometimes I use this proxy site to test website my own website or client's website to see whether the site is accessible from other countries or not.

Download Torrent Files

Downloading pirated files over BitTorrent or directly is also a good reason to have VPN service. Especially if download Torrent is illegal in your country. Downloading pirated files is illegal in all must all countries in the world.

There is a big difference in downloading pirated file directly from a website and over Torrent network. If you download files from a website, then only the website owner and your ISP know you have downloaded a file. If the website is using SSL encryption, then your ISP won't even know. But if you download a file using BitTorrent, then everyone knows you have downloaded this file. Because IP address information are publicly visible while downloading a torrent. So, it makes little risky to download torrent. In this case, using VPN service is preferred.

Protect Your Own IP Address

Think of your IP address as your home address. You don't want to give your home address to a stranger on the Internet. Same way why do you want to give your IP address to every website you visit? Not just that but your IP address is also collected by advertising company to show you more targeted ads. And, your IP address is also collected by third part services that website owner is using, like email marketing service.

By using VPN, you can hide your IP address from getting collected and stored by big corporation. At the same time, prevent annoying ads following you across the web.

Protect Your Internet Privacy

In must case, privacy over VPN is not recommended. Your privacy totally depend on VPN service provide. Must VPN services have no logging policy, that means they claim not to store your internet browsing history. And, it's a matter of trust. Who know, what will they do with your data? If you are browsing some shady website, then sure VPN add extra layer to your internet privacy. Thinking that your ISP is after you and VPN is your good friend is not a good way to look at internet privacy.

What Are the Best VPN Services Available?

Here are few VPN service providers based on expert experience. I am not affiliated with any of the below-mentioned VPN service providers. This list of top 10 best VPN service providers is based on my own experience and other expert that I trust.

Cloudflare WARP

Cloudflare WARP is not a VPN service, but it's a much better alternative to a VPN service. It is a DNS service that help you browse internet safely, protect from harmful website, protect your internet privacy. It also helps you unblock websites that are blocked in your countries. One of the big benefits of using WARP is that your internet browsing speed will be superfast. And, it's super easy to use. You will get all the benefits of a VPN without a VPN and without changing your IP address. Try and see for yourself. Its 100% FREE.

Cloudflare WARP is not a VPN service


Just like Cloudflare WARP NextDNS is a viable alternative to a VPN service. It's also a more advance DNS and Internet Firewall service provider for day to day Internet users. As per my experience, NextDNS is better than Cloudflare WARP when it comes to features. My best features of NextDNS are parental control, logs, ads blocking and internet security.

NextDNS are parental control, logs, ads blocking and internet security

Kaspersky VPN

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is one of the best security software available online. Kaspersky offers other services such as VPN and password manager. Their VPN services is top-notch and it's available at a cheap price. Kaspersky is trusted by many experts, I am not talking about YouTube influencer here. I am talking about security researcher. I use Kaspersky VPN personally and it works smoothly.

SoftEther VPN

SoftEther VPN is an open source VPN software like OpenVPN software. SoftEther is an advance VPN software that has features best suited for intermediate and expert VPN users. You as a beginner can also use it, but there is a set-up process that you will have to follow.

Once you install SoftEther VPN software in your computer, you will get open to add your own VPN or proxy server. If you don't own your proxy server, then you can use a public L2TP server. VPN Gate is one of popular open source and public VPN server that you can use SoftEther for free. If you are a Windows computer user, then you can configure VPN Gate effortlessly with SoftEther.

SoftEther VPN is an open source

I won't recommend VPN Gate with SoftEther VPN if your goal is to protect your internet privacy. Must server on VPN Gate are slow, and they do data logging. You should use it for ethical purpose only.

Private Internet Access VPN

I have never used Private Internet Access myself, but I see many experts trust this VPN service. Also, Private Internet Access is the sponsor of many of my favorite open-source project. They also have good user rating on platform like Trustpilot. Private Internet Access open-source software, provide advanced encryption settings and no log policy.

Proton VPN

ProtonMail is must popular privacy focus e-mail service provider. A good alternative to Gmail. Proton VPN is created by same company. I have used free version of Proton VPN service. There is one VPN server with free versions, but internet speed is excellent. They offer advance features such as multiple layer of VPN server connection and Tor over VPN.

Anonymize VPN is a domain register like GoDaddy, but much better. is popular for privacy and freedom of speech focused with excellent services when it comes to registering domain name. Also, they offer a VPN services called Anonymize VPN. Anonymize VPN is new in VPN space and not known online. Anonymize VPN provide other services such as Secure Email, Domain WHOIS Protection and secure DNS service.


I have used TunnelBear mobile VPN app. TunnelBear VPN app on Google store is highly rated. Free versions come with ads (just like any other Android app). Connection is reliable and good speed. TunnelBear is not open source, but they have annual security audit  and trust by experts online.

Opera Browser Built in VPN

Opera web browsers has lots of build in features like VPN and ads blocker. If you just want to unblock a website, then Opera browser is a good choice. I use Opera browser on my mobile phone. Their VPN connection work just fine. You don't need to install any software or extensions to use VPN in Opera browser, and it's FREE. I like a browser-based VPN (or extensions) as it only change traffic to particular browser. The rest of your computer will have no effect.

Namecheap VPN

Namecheap is famous for cheap domain name and web hosting services. I have used Namecheap in past for registering domain name. Namecheap VPN (FastVPN) is not known online. I have read online review that they provide good VPN service.

Final Thought

There is saying that if you are not paying for something, then you are the product. This is somewhat true. There are things like open source that are free, and you are not the products. If you want privacy (anonymity) online, then no VPN service can beat Tor browser. Tor browser is free but has internet speed issue and some website won't allow you to access their service over Tor network, other than that Tor network is the best. If you want to purchase a Good VPN service, then go with Kaspersky VPN or Private Internet Access VPN. The end.
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