How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically in 11 Steps

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically in 11 Steps

Instagram has experienced exponential growth, with many Instagrammers becoming internet celebrities simply by posting interesting content. Even regular people can amass a large following on the platform. Numerous brands are already capitalizing on the power of influencer marketing and brand awareness on Instagram, making it a valuable social media platform for businesses.

For those of us hustling on Instagram to build a large following, reaching 10,000 followers is not a big challenge if we implement the right strategies in our content posting and brand marketing on Instagram.

Building a substantial following on Instagram is not a secret; it takes time, but is worth the investment of time and money. Having thousands of loyal followers allows for easy monetization through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or selling your own creative work.

In this post, I will cover how to reach your targeted audience organically, without relying on Instagram advertisements or sponsorships, by using the right strategies for posting content on Instagram.

1. Convert to an Instagram business account

An Instagram business account offers more features than a personal account, aiding in long-term growth. Features like the Contact button and improved analytics help build relationships and gain a better understanding of your audience.

2. Geotag your posts

Geotags on Instagram function as metadata in SEO. By geotagging each post, your content will reach a wider audience. Geotagging is more effective than using hashtags because users can discover your content through location searches on Instagram.

3. Use interest-based hashtags

Many people make their Instagram content appear spammy by using irrelevant or excessive hashtags in the caption. The best way to use hashtags on Instagram is as follows:

   a) Use interest-based tags.

   b) Avoid very popular hashtags if you have a small following.

   c) Post hashtags in the comment section, not the caption.

4. Write long captions

Writing lengthy captions helps you connect with your followers and add value to your Instagram posts. Instead of merely viewing a pretty picture, people will understand the intent behind your post. By clicking on the picture, your audience can read the full caption, increasing the likelihood of receiving more likes and comments.

5. Use line breaks and emojis

If you're writing a long caption, make it interesting to read by incorporating line breaks and emojis.

6. Tag other users (related brands or accounts)

You can tag anyone using their username on Instagram, even if they don't follow you or vice versa. This increases the reach of your content, as your post will appear in their tagged section.

7. Use a call to action in your post caption

Always guide your audience on what to do next. If your goal is to increase engagement on your post, ask questions or encourage them to comment and like.

8. Reply to comments on your posts

Every reply to a comment on your post counts as an additional comment. If you receive ten comments, you can double that number simply by replying to each comment. This also demonstrates to your audience that you care about them, potentially leading them to return and view your other posts.

9. Post Instagram stories

Instagram stories function like regular posts, but only remain visible for 24 hours. Your audience can see your story posts right from their home screen, allowing you to cross-promote your content or inform them about exciting offers and your latest posts.

10. Share Instagram posts on other social media

Never miss an opportunity to inform your audience about your latest Instagram post on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (a personal favorite and a great source of traffic). You can use automation tools like IFTTT to automatically post your content on other platforms.

11. Find the right time to post on Instagram

This step is crucial to ensure that your content stands out when your audience opens their Instagram app. You can find information about the best times to post on Instagram within the analytics section of your account. First, convert your account to a business account to access analytics.

Final thought:

If you want to save time on Instagram marketing, consider checking out the automation tool. It is a powerful tool that helps grow your Instagram following faster in less time.

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