Top 10 Amazon Ads for Authors Services on Fiverr Freelance Marketplace

Top 10 Amazon Ads for Authors Services on Fiverr Freelance Marketplace

Amazon ads for authors are a great way to promote your book on Amazon. The ads can be targeted at specific genres, keywords, and even audiences. They are an easy way to increase awareness of your book and get more reviews.

Amazon ads for authors are a new way for authors to promote their books. Amazon allows authors to target readers who like the same genre as them, or who have read similar titles and they can run ads on Amazon’s search engine, product pages, and product catalogs.

There are many benefits of advertising on Amazon. Firstly, it is free and easy to set up. Secondly, Amazon has an excellent reach with over 200 million visitors per month. Thirdly, it allows you to target specific customers by setting geographical and demographic parameters. Fourthly, you can use the data collected by Amazon to refine your marketing campaign strategy in the future. Finally, you can also use Amazon as a sales channel for your book if you have one published on the site already or if you are planning on publishing one soon.

Recently Amazon has rolled out a feature to promote books on Amazon even if you are not using Amazon KDP to publish your book. You just need to set up your Amazon author profile (Amazon Author central) and add your book to your author bookshelf. Click on the Report + Marketing tab inside your Author Central Dashboard, from there you need to click on Ads Console. After That just follow the process.

Amazon Ads for Authors Services

Here are the top 10 amazon ads for author's services on the Fiverr freelance marketplace

I will set up and manage amazon ads for your book

By authormarket

Amazon Advertising is a PPC marketing platform, just like Facebook and Google Ads. Your book will be featured on Amazon search results and other books page in your genre. Amazon ads is the best way to find readers for your book. You don't need a website or ads banner. You can start with $5 daily ads spend budget.

As per the recent change on the Amazon ads platform, now you can do Amazon ads for your book even if your book is not published through Amazon KDP.

*Please remember my services cost doesn't include advertising fees. Amazon will charge you advertising fees just like any other online paid advertisement platform.

If you are a first-time advertiser then you need to set up your Ads account and add billing/card details to your ads account. I will provide guidance on how to set up your ads account if you need it.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I will respond to your message ASAP.

I will setup, optimize and manage Amazon PPC ads campaign

By syedsibtyhasan1

Amazon PPC ACOS Killer

Are you losing your money in Wasteful Spends?
Are You Facing Problems in High ACOS and Low ROAS?
Are you worried about Product Organic Ranking Stability?
Are You Upset About Your Net Profit Margin That You Thought From Day First?
If yes, Then you are in Expert Hands 3 Years of Experience

5 key benefits when you advertise your products with Amz PPC campaign

★ Greater visibility to the products
★ Generate bigger sales and revenue
★ Build a better reputation and trust
★ Reach out to diverse clients
★ Focus more on the targeted audience with PPC Campaign

Discuss any issue regarding these:
  1. Launch
  2. Rank
  3. Visibility
  4. Scalability
My Services:
  • Amaz0n PPC campaign or sponsored ads
  • Listing Audit
  • Professional PPC Audit
  • Advance Keyword Research
  • Negative Keywords Research & Implementation
  • Reduce PPC advertising cost of sales (ACOS)
  • Boost Traffic, Sales & BSR Rank

Why Hire Me?

✅Good Communication
✅24/7 Express Delivery
✅100% Rank & Traffic Guarantee

Note: Sometimes we need more understanding about your PPC Business Reports In this Case The Zoom meeting will be required.

Money-Saving is a Blessing Let's Save it
1 to 7% (Avg)
★ ★ Boom★ ★

I will set up powerful amazon book ads kindle paperback paid book ads KDP PPC sp ads

By bestbooks2020

Amazon Advertising can be challenging, especially if you are a new writer, or new to KDP or PPC ads. As an advertiser, there are many pitfalls you should avoid, in order to achieve the best results possible.

Picking the right ad campaign, selecting the right keywords/ categories and bidding right is only the start. One needs to be a pro, in order to take it to the next level.

As a KDP marketing expert, many of the hacks, tips and tricks I use with KDP ads are direct results of my rich experience with Amazon AMS, PPC, KDP advertising, and SP ads, in particular. Trust me, I know exactly how to read the analytics reports and data, draw conclusions, and tweak the ads for better outcome.

I've been adverting w/ Amazon KDP SP ads for years, and I know how to make the ads work for me and my clients. Although Amz KDP algorithms might seem "whimsical" at times, and it's impossible to run the ad with low daily budgets (<$5 a day), running book ads is usually worth it.

Please read the 10 TERMS in Q&A below FULLY & contact me before placing your order with your book link.

Order with confidence! It will be a pleasant surprise to see your bookselling better this time.

I will setup a successful amazon kindle KDP ad to boost your book sales

By rashadnazeer

Now that your book is published in Kindle, let us run a successful Amazon kindle ad campaign and boost your sales!, eventually it leads to more reviews and sales!

NOTE - FREE 2 Weeks AD Management and Optimizations

Work with an experienced and successful Marketing expert to get your books to be noticed and sell and climb the ranking spots on the Amazon Kindle book list.

Services I offer
  • Setting up your KDP Campaign
  • Optimize your KDP Ads 
  • AMS keyword research and find the best keywords for your campaigns
If you're ready to increase your book Sales, what are you waiting for? Drop me a message for Consultation.

Note: You can either send me an invitation to your advertising dashboard or I will need your KDP login information to optimize for a better job

Why Hire me?
  • Experienced Marketing Expert
  • High Communication Skills
  • Optimize your Campaigns in the best possible Manner
  • No compromise on quality

I will setup manage and optimize amazon ppc campaigns sponsored ads

By daarray

A little about Amazon PPC:
Amazon ads or PPC campaigns are intrinsic to increase sales, boost visibility or improve brand image. Creating, Managing, and Optimizing these campaigns is not very easy. First, we have to decide main goal of these advertisements; increasing sales, reducing PPC ACOS, and ranking the product to the first page should be the main objective of campaigns but before that we have to study our own product, competitor, and market and then devise a suitable strategy for advertisements.

My strategy as Amazon ppc expert:

I will analyse product, market and do proper keywords research along with competitor analysis to find best converting keywords
  • I will fix old campaigns and analyze their data
  • I will create sponsored products and sponsored brands campaigns and allocate them budget
  • I will optimize campaigns, bids, keywords, and placements to boost visibility and increase their sales
  • I will increase ROAS and reduce ACOS while improving the ranking of listing
  • I will make best strategies to launch product
  • I will keep you updated and assure my availability 24/7
Tools I use
  • Helium 10
  • Jungle Scout
  • Keepa
Please contact me before placing an order
Thank You

I will handle your amazon PPC ads campaigns, advertising, optimization, sponsored ads

By a_samadshah


I can assume that you don't have time to Manage, Optimise and analyse your Amazon PPC Ads Campaigns, and most probably, that's why you are here to Hire an Amazon PPC Ads Expert!

Well! You are at the right place. I help Amazon sellers save their time and money by managing and optimizing their PPC Sponsored Ads, whether it's Sponsored Product, Sponsored Video ads, Sponsored Display Ads, Sponsored Brand, etc. I spend My hours controlling ACos, Increase ROAS, Increase product Ranking, and maximize the Market Pie within the market share.

We don't only focus on lowering ACOS, but also focus on Your Brand Building and organic growth. As a Marketing student, I know that Advertising should only be used to boost your sales or increase your visibility. A brand shouldn't rely on advertising in the long run; if you rely on ads to get sales, it means you didn't build your brand value. 

That's what we do; We focus on your BRAND BUILDING and Organic Growth so that in the long term, buyers come to your store by searching your brand, not by searching for the product!

The price does not include ad budget

If you Think I Can Help, Please Contact me!

I will setup manage and optimize amazon PPC campaign ads for you

By fazeelahmad72


You’re overwhelmed by Amz ads, especially when it comes to new offers? You’ve created lots of campaigns but have had no consistent success and your ROI and revenue is low? You don’t have an Amz ads strategy (or you do, but it’s not getting the results you want)? You have low visibility and low targeted traffic on your product listings? You don’t know how to adjust your campaigns to make them perform better?

If you answered “YES!” to one or more of these, you need a unified PPC strategy. That’s where I can help.


✔️ Detailed Keyword Research for best PPC Performance.
✔️ Setup Auto and Manual PPC Campaigns.
✔️ Setup KW Targeting, Product Targeting Campaigns & Sponsored Ads.
✔️ Manage and optimize the Bids of KWs to keep ACoS profitable.
✔️ Add Irrelevant Keywords as negative KW to improve PPC efficiency.
✔️ Grab Traffic from other product with product targeting to drive sales to your Product.
✔️ Add 6 Ad Groups (Exact, Broad, Phrase, Product Targeting, Low Volume Keywords, Long Tail KW).
✔️ Monitor your PPC campaign to keep ACoS Low.

I will setup and manage amazon ppc campaign sponsored ads

By arfahussain913

Kindly message before placing the order to discuss about project.

Are you done losing money on PPC Campaign?
PPC Campaign setup and management is not a piece of cake. Your ACOS and Sponsored Ads need someone professional.

I am a skilled professional Amazon Ad Campaign manager. What I am going to do for you? I am going to launch your PPC campaign by conducting a correct analysis of your competitors and your customers. We'd like to understand what our customers are looking for. What search queries they're doing into Amazon's search bar. I am aiming to collect our customers' search queries, PPC suggested keywords, Sponsored Ads keywords that our competitors bid on.

After the launch, I am going to give you PPC campaign management, I am going to stop the irrelevant traffic returning to you, I am going to scale back your ACOS and increase the Return. You can surely rely on me.

What will you get:
  • Amazon PPC Keywords analysis
  • PPC Campaign Setup, Management
  • Lower ACOS
  • Boost Traffic, Sales and BSR
  • Negative KWs implementation
  • Great Targeted Traffic
  • On-time client Support & Weekly Reports.
Tools that I am going to Use within the whole process:
  • Helium 10
  • Merchant Words
  • Jungle Scout

I will manage amazon fba PPC advertising ads

By amzsellerstore

Hey, What's up!!

Till now, we have handled more than 70 AMZ accounts and generated million-dollar sales.

We saw complaints of all kinds;
  • Losing too much money on ad clicks and not converting into orders.
  • Although sales are good with PPC, however, PPC ads are not improving organic rank resulting in overall lower TCOS.
  • ACOS is low, but sales are not increasing much also.
  • Don't have a clear idea about amazon PPC ads, and therefore it's been running on auto PPC campaign.
Why should You hire me?
  • About 50% of my orders come from repeat buyers on my gig.
  • Handled all kinds of products including vitamins, shoe racks, gardening-related products, and more.
  • 24/7 on chat support.
  • Weekly optimization reports.
I have more than 7 years of experience handling Amazon PPC Campaign, I will perform the following tasks for you in this gig;

Audit your listing, and give recommendations to make it better.
Perform Listing Optimization with strong keyword research.
Optimize auto campaigns.
Create and optimize manual ads campaign.
Run Brand ads for better conversion.

What should be your next step?

Contact me for Free consultation and Audit of your current amazon PPC campaign!!!

I will set up, optimize and manage your amazon PPC campaign ads

By amazonsexpert

Welcome fellow entrepreneurs,

Boost Your Organic & PPC Sales, Maximise Your Profits And Lower Your ACOS Today!

My name is Antony & I am based in the UK and I have specialised in Amazon PPC & Sponsored Ads for over 5 years and have 100s of happy clients within our amazing community!
I've been performing Amazon PPC Campaign for the past five years and marketed ads campaigns less than %15 ACOS in many categories.

I offer a very pro-active and professional full managed service at a great price & offer Exclusively Video Recorded optimisations so you can see the magic in action & learn from it yourself if you wish to.

This Includes; But Not Limited to:
  • Pro-active weekly detailed reports from me with video recorded optimisation
  • In-depth competitor research and analysis for best PPC performance
  • Elaborate structures designed to maximise profits and boost organic sales
  • Using tools like Helium 10 & excel formulas to give you the winning edge!
  • A full managed service, so sit back and relax and do what you do best!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or any special requirements. I would love to help you in growing your eCommerce Business on Amazon.
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