Top 10 Book Formatting and Layout Design Services on Fiverr Freelance Marketplace

Top 10 Book Formatting and Layout Design Services on Fiverr Freelance Marketplace

The book formatting process is the act of preparing a manuscript for publication by designing the layout and typography of its text. The layout of a book is the overall look of the pages. It includes how text is arranged on the page, how images are used and what type of paper is used. The design may also include such things as illustrations, use of color and size of type.

The design of a book's pages will affect how readers perceive it. For example, if a book has too many words on one page or too many images on one page, this will confuse readers and distract them from reading the text.

The layout should be designed to suit the content and audience. For example, a book for children will have a more playful look than a book for an academic audience. The interior design of a book is essential for the reader to be able to enjoy the story and get lost in the text. The pages, fonts, and colors are all important aspects of a book's design.

The pages in a book should be thick enough so that they do not tear easily when someone is turning them. The paper should also have an even weight distribution so that it does not warp or curl up at the corners. The font size should be large enough for someone to read without squinting and there should be enough space between lines so that it is easy to read. And finally, the colors used on the pages can either help or distract from what you are reading.

Book Formatting and Layout Design

Here are the top 10 book formatting and layout design services on Fiverr freelance marketplace

I will do book formatting kindle ebook paperback formatting KDP layout design

By abdulrehman17

Welcome! I will do expert book formatting, kindle formatting, ebook formatting, kindle ebook, paperback formatting interior layout design and covers formatting for KDP and createspace.

Looking for perfection? *You landed at professional place*

I'm a professional and friendly designer having a vast experience in book formatting and KDP formatting field as well as 2000+ satisfied customers worldwide. Cool right?

Why me?
  1. Beautiful Layout Design
  2. Well Designed Title Page
  3. Well Structured Chapter Headings
  4. Attractive & Clean Font
  5. Clickable Table of Contents
  6. Paragraphs formatting & Indenting
  7. Page Numbering
  8. Bullets, Number lists
  9. Images & Bleed Images
  10. Chapters starting on the right page
  11. Efficient & effective feedback 24/7!
Expert book formatting, kindle formatting (eBook & Paperback)

If your request is not included in any of the packages or extras i.e., if your document pages are varrying too much, do not hesitate to contact me with your document or information on your document to request for a custom quote and I will get back to you immediately!

Tags: kindle formatting, book formatting, paperback, createspace formatting, ebook formatting

I will deliver flawless book formatting paperback hardcover ebook

By accuracy4sure

I go by the Username Accuracy4Sure (and of course, it goes without saying that this was inspired by the quality of work I produce). I am a professional book interior designer.

With well over 2,000 completed works and over 900 clients under my belt, I would love to be your professional book formatting Person.

I do not work to merely satisfy my clients, my goal is to surpass your expectations.

Part of my job is to make your book accepted by *Any Publishing Platforms* on the first try and give your readers a pleasurable and unmatched reading experience.

What you will get:

Hardcover Print format (PDF)
Paperback Print format (PDF)
Ebook (Epub, Mobi, kpf)

What I will format:

Line Spacing
Table of Contents
Drop Caps
Trim sizes
Page numbers
Headers and Footers
And More…
What I require:
  • Final proofread, and edited book
  • Trim size.
Language: Any language

I’m comfortable with any genre of book

Pick any gig package that suites your manuscript and allow me to beat your expectations.
Finally, it is very crucial to make sure your Manuscripts are perfectly edited and proofread before submitting them for formatting

I will book formatting and layout design for KDP paperback, kindle formatting ebook

By saqib_arshad

Hello! If you're looking for experienced and reliable seller for book formatting and layout design, then you are at the right gig.

I am Saqib an expert Amazon KDP paperback, hardcover and kindle eBooks designer. Fiction and Nonfiction books, Christianity, Spiritual growth, Self Help, Memoirs, Poetry, Anthologies, Devotionals and Business in all languages.

I believe the perfection in book formatting, design and layout of your books goes a long way to determine their MARKETABILITY.

My priority is providing professional & cost-effective services with a quick turnaround time while ensuring I deliver outstanding work & I will provide unlimited revisions until your satisfaction with final design is ensured.

  • Clickable table of contents
  • Well designed title page
  • Well designed headings
  • Paragraphs and bullets
  • Images and bleeds
  • Margins, headers and footers
  • Chapter starts from right page
  • Page numbers
What I will deliver?
  • Print ready PDF
  • Kindle eBook EPUB
  • Source file
  • Formatted book cover
  • Book cover mockups
If you want to see my work samples relative to your book genre just send me a message and I'll respond immediately.


I will do kdp book formatting, ebook formatting and layout design for kindle

By itztkhan

Kindle Formatting / CreateSpace Formatting / ebook Formatting / Amazon Paperback Formatting

Hello! Welcome to my Gig.

This gig is for professional design and formatting of your book for Kindle print, KDP paperback or CreateSpace.

Why me?
  • I provide Professional service with reasonable prices
  • No compromise on QUALITY
  • Unlimited revisions
  • MONEY-BACK Guarantee
What do I require from you?
  • manuscript (doc/docx word file)
  • font size and type requirements
  • page size constraints (if any)
What Services do I provide?
  • Editing your manuscript and provide a professional Layout
  • Clickable table of contents
  • All trim size options
  • Attractive & Professional fonts
  • Paragraph and indent formatting
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Page numbering
  • Custom header and footer
  • Drop caps (if needed)
  • print ready document
  • Unlimited reviews
  • source file



Tags: Createspace, kindle, graphic and design, book and album cover, format, layout, PDF design, cover design, book formatting.

I will do book formatting for kindle ebook and kdp paperback, lulu, ingramspark

By raselkhondokar

Do you need book formatting for Amazon KDP, Lulu, IngramSpark, etc.? I am able to help with eBook Formatting, Paperback Formatting, Hardcover Formatting for all platforms.

Please read all the details before you place an order.

BASIC: (eBook or Print Book)
✔ 50 pages (12k words)
✔ 5 images
✔ ePub or pdf
✔ Unlimited Revisions
✔ 2 days delivery

STANDARD: (eBook or Print Book)
✔ 100 pages (25k words)
✔ 10 images
✔ ePub or pdf
✔ Unlimited Revisions
✔ 3 days delivery

PREMIUM: (Both eBook & Print Book)
✔ Everything as Standard Package
✔ Both ePub & pdf
✔ Source File
✔ 5 days delivery

Note: For "Unlimited Revisions" no editing changes are acceptable. You can ask for any formatting revisions.

What will you get?
✔ 100% verified eBook or Print Book file.
✔ Ready to upload files.
✔ ePub for eBook and PDF output for file Print Book.
✔ Correct Title, Paragraph, and Text Style.
✔ Professional Design and Layout.
✔ Clickable TOC and active weblinks for eBook.
✔ Tested on various devices or platforms for errors.

If you have a Recipe, Poetry, Comic, Children, or Workbook, please contact me. Custom order needed.

Please contact me, if you have any questions.

I will format your book for print layout for amazon KDP with style

By polarbear19325

Hi, my name is Walt, and I am from the USA and highly educated!
I am a Professional Book Designer.
I use Professional Fonts. (This is a big deal)
Most formatters don't use Professional Fonts.
I use all the latest software. (Adobe & Microsoft)
I have designed over 5000 books for Amazon and other companies.
I format Fiction Books, Non-Fiction Books, and ebooks.

I love answering questions to help you. Just message me.

What will you format?
  • Margins
  • Line Spacing
  • Table of Contents
  • Page numbers
  • Headers and Footers
  • Drop Caps
  • Images
  • Indents
  • And More…
What will you get?
  • KDP (instantly publishable file)
  • (PDF) output format
  • Professional Design and Layout of your Pages
  • Professionally Formatted Images (No Bleed)
  • Professional Embedded Fonts
What do I require?

Final written book file (doc, docx, or pdf)
Trim size.
If you have a Poetry or Children's book, please contact me first.

A Custom gig order is needed. (I do other types of books also, just message me).

Multiple languages

Tags: book format, novel format, fiction, kindle formatting, print formatting, amazon kdp, ingram, typesetting, print layout, page layout, paperback format, non-fiction, poetry, fiction layout

I will do kindle ebook formatting, book formatting and layout design for amazon kdp

By bradymoller

As a bestselling author across multiple pen names, I know the ins and outs of kindle book formatting. I know what works and what doesn't.

If you’re looking for a professional and quality-driven book formatter for your book, then look no further. 

I’m a writer, book formatter, and editor with over six years' experience in the publishing industry. I’ve spent years refining my skills so that you can focus on what’s important—putting out quality work you can be proud of. 

What you can expect:

✔ Expert print book formatting and Kindle ebook formatting
✔ Custom Book Interior Design and Formatting
✔ Clickable ToC, footnotes, and hyperlinks
✔ Unrivalled service and support
✔ Corrected Widows, Runts, and Orphans in your paperback book
✔ Out-of-this-world header designs based specific to your genre
✔ Title Pages that POP
✔ All major eBook formats (ePub, Mobi —reflowable and fixed-width)
✔ PDF for your paperback (print copy)


Once your book is edited and complete, we can proceed with your kindle book formatting.

Brady's Book Design—Bringing words to life.

I will do kindle ebook book formatting createspace paperback formatting

By aslamkhan116

Welcome! Expert Createspace formatting, kindle ebook, book formatting, interior layout design and covers formatting services for kindle paperback and Createspace, book formatting services!
Looking for perfection? *You landed at a professional place*
100% satisfaction-quality work or charges back!

Service includes the expert formatting of your book and covers to meet CreateSpace and KDP specifications with:
  • Clickable Table of contents
  • Clickable hyperlinks
  • Drop caps
  • Paragraphs formatting & Indenting
  • Headers&Footers
  • Page Numbering
  • Bullets, Number lists
  • Images & Bleed Images
  • Chapters starting on the right page
  • All trim size options
Expert kindle ebook Createspace formatting interior book formatting

If you have any query do not hesitate to contact me with your document or information on your document to request for a custom quote and I will get back to you immediately!

Tags: book formatting, paperback amazon, CreateSpace formatting, ebook formatting, cover formatting and book formatting, 

I will do paperback book and kindle ebook formatting for Amazon KDP

By zaafirbaig

Are you looking for someone highly experienced in Book Layout Designing, Formatting and Publishing industry? 

You’ve reached out to the right person to help you Design, Format and Publish your book on Amazon KDP and other platforms.

My name is Zaafir Baig, and I’m a Professional Graphics Designer having specialty in Book Layout Design and Formatting for Hardcovers, Paperback and eBooks.

I will assure that you receive a cost-effective service with quick turnaround time while ensuring that you receive nothing less than value and reliable products within your budget.

Why you should hire me?
  • High Intellect
  • Great Communicator
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Flexible with Time Zones
  • Cost effective
My services include:
  • All Trim size options for Paperback and Hardcover
  • Reflowable and Fixed Layout eBook for Amazon Kindle
  • Advance Layout
  • Instant Approval
  • Full Bleed Non-Bleed Books
  • Clickable Table of Contents
  • Title Page Design
  • Clickable Hyperlinks
  • Paragraph Formatting & Indenting 
  • Bullets & Number Lists
  • Headers and Footers 
  • Page Numbering
  • Index Format
*** flexible with the formatting of books from all genres*** 

If you have any custom requests, please feel free to reach me out and share your query. 

I will do book formatting for kdp, cover design, and publish your book on amazon

By hmrashed


Hi, I am Rasedul Islam

It is most likely that now you are in the process of publishing your bookand you need someone who will help you with the book formatting. I am Expert in Kindle, Paperback, Lulu, Epub and Createspace, Book formatting services!

I give you 100% professional book formatting so that you could make your sale on TOP.

What will you get?
  • Clickable Table of contents
  • Chapters starting on the right page
  • Clickable hyperlinks
  • Drop caps
  • Headers&Footer
  • 300 dpi images
  • Page Numbers
  • Bullets, Number lists
  • Images & Bleed Images
  • All trim size options
  • What do I require?
Final written book file (doc,docx,pdf)
For CreateSpace Trim (Paper) size
Note: If you have a Recipe, Comic or Children's book, please try to contact me first, because custom order is needed for this type of book.

Insert 10 images (For extra images $5 will be the extra cost for every 5 extra images).

I give you 100% professional formatting else money back guarantee. If you have any confusion do not hesitate or fell free to contact me.
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