Top 10 Book Cover Design Services on Fiverr Freelance Marketplace

Top 10 Book Cover Design Services on Fiverr Freelance Marketplace

A book cover design is a crucial part of marketing for any author. The cover design is the first thing that potential readers will see and it should be attractive enough to grab their attention.

Hiring a graphics designer can be expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget. Luckily, there are many free or inexpensive options available online. If you have the time, patience and skills you can also create your own covers with the help of some free tools like Canva or Adobe Photoshop. The best way to get a professional-looking cover for your book is to hire a freelancer on Fiverr. The prices are very affordable and you can find many talented designers there.

The cover of a book is the first thing that a potential reader sees. It is the first impression and it needs to be memorable. For this reason, designers spend a lot of time and effort on the design process. They need to create an attractive design that will catch the eye of potential readers, while at the same time accurately representing what the book is about.

Book Cover Design services

Here are the top 10 book cover design services on Fiverr freelance marketplace

I will do a book cover design

By burconur

Your book cover should reflect the main theme of the book and also it should make potential buyers curious about it. I am here to design your book cover.

My portfolio (Flickr Book Cover Designer Album):

Why should you choose my gig?

You will get a professional eye-catchy book cover.
I continue to prepare new designs until you love your book cover.
Even if we have completed the order, I will assist you until your book is published. I will do it for you if you need any modifications/changes.
I can prepare your book cover design for different platforms. (AMAZON, LULU, IngramSpark etc.)
I am able to prepare Back & Spine designs.

What do I need from you?

Brief description of your book. 
Title - Subtitle - Author name
I will use my imagination and your suggestions to create your amazing book cover. 
If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer.

I will do book cover design, book cover, ebook cover design

By mahmuddidar

Hi, If you are looking for someone who can create a book cover design that is guaranteed to attract huge audiences and sell thousands of copies, then you have come to the right place!

I am Mahmud. Having 3 years of experience in Eye-catchy Book cover designs, ebook covers. My key asset is my client's satisfaction and quality Work. which can't be compromised.

What will you get?

Attractive, UNIQUE design concepts
Premium stock images
Free Unlimited Revisions for all clients
Less than 1 hour response time
Friendly Communication
3d mockups
Money-back guarantee
Free Source File
100% Satisfaction guaranteed

How is my work process?

Get to know you and your book
I investigate the niche of your book and the potential competition
Creative process of ideas and creation of the cover
I'll give you the final files and you get your book cover ready to be published!

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What are you waiting for? Go ahead and place the order!
Don't hesitate to contact me for any inquiries,I'll happily answer

Best Regards

I will design original book cover design and ebook cover

By farrukh_bala

Hey, Authors!
Welcome to my GIG!
If you are looking for Ultimate and Professional Book cover designs, then you are at the right place at the right time.
I am Farrukh Khan and I have been designing Book Cover Designs for 6+ years. I believe a Book cover is the first impression that a book creates on its potential readers.

Why should you choose me?

24 hours EXPRESS delivery
Professional and Unique Concepts
Poster and Book Cover Design)
High Resolutions files included (JPEG, PNG and Printable PDF Formats)
Licensed Stock Photos Included
100% MoneyBack Guarantee  

I Can Create the Following Book Cover:

eBook Cover
Book Cover 
Hardback Book Cover
Paperback Cover 
Amazon Kindle Cover
CreateSpace Cover
Ingram spark Cover
Lulu Cover
KDP Cover
Arts Books
Biographies / Memoir
Self-Help / Wellness
Cookbooks / Recipes

Order Now!

Farrukh Khan

Book covers design, book, ebook, book cover, kindle cover, amazon cover, lulu book cover, Createspace, amazon expert, kindle expert, Ingramspark book cover

I will do book cover design, book cover design, book cover

By sam_4321

Hello Everyone, 

I am sam and I have 7 Years of professional Experience in Graphic Designing.
Doing CreateSpace, ebooks, kindle, Ingram, and Paperback covers.
For flap covers Please CONTACT ME before placing the order.
So, you want a unique and exclusive high-quality design book cover? You have come to the right place.
Get the most beautiful book cover starting from just $15. I'll make sure that your book cover looks amazing.
Please provide all the details requested in the instructions after you order. I am happy to offer multiple revisions until you are satisfied.


what is the book cover size?
how many pages are in the book?
what is the Title, subtitles(if have), author name
what is the book about?
do you have specific photos for the book?
what do you like to see on the front cover?
send me some sample covers that you like

Thank you very much, why wait for more? place your order for a friendly, fast, professional service.

I will do your custom book cover design, book cover

By creative_artz

I will create you a creative, Minimal, Unique Book Cover Design



As the saying goes "Design is king!" but this can only be possible when it is done by a PROFESSIONAL BOOK COVER DESIGNER
An eye-catching BOOK COVER DESIGN  will keep your customers engaged, and informed and leave them wanting more
If this is what you want, search no further!
I am an Expert SPECIALISED on BOOK COVER DESIGN Only, Skilled to WORK across various project
With a good and wide knowledge of BOOK COVERS, I will provide you with an extra advantage by designing you a CREATIVE, MINIMAL, AND UNIQUE BOOK COVER that will skyrocket your business

Allow me to give you TOP BOOK COVER  that your customers will fall in love with.

What you will get:
  1. Custom book cover
  2. eBook, Hardcover, Paperback
  3. 3D styles for your website, social media, etc.
  5. Full Ownership Rights
  6. Fast Delivery
  7. 100% Money Back Guaranteed
  8. High Quality and Print Ready
  9. Ready for publishing
Ready? Shoot me a message and let's discuss how we can achieve greatness together.

Consultation is free


I will create modern, minimalist book cover design or kindle cover

By nskvsky

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "So fast, so talented! Loved the cover she designed for my novel. I want to write another one just so I can hire her to design another cover!" - Sean S.

Sometimes less is more. Having a modern, minimalist book cover design is a great way to separate your book from the competitors and catch the eye of many potential readers!
However, a minimalist approach can be tricky! If you want to make sure that you get yours just right, you have come to the right place. As a top-tier book cover designer, I have created this gig with only one goal in mind: to help you get the cover that you dreamed of.

You will get:
  1. Print-Ready Book Cover (PDF)
  2. Completely FREE 3D Mockup for ALL Packages
  3. Excellent Communication
  4. An Eye-Catching Minimal Design
  5. Commercial Use Rights

Are you a minimalist design lover? Go ahead and place the order, let's make you a bestselling writer!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. :)

P.S. Please make sure to contact me before placing the order if you are looking for a highly specific project or a unique illustration style!

I will design a unique book cover

By cheriefox

People really do judge a book by its cover – an awesome cover hints at some awesome fiction, or non-fiction for that matter. 

People judge me by my portfolio – a beautiful collection of unique covers and fantastic reviews hints at some insanely passionate designing going on behind the scenes.

Why choose me?

Passion – My love of reading gives me a genuine desire to learn the ins and outs of every project to fall on my desk (well technically to ‘appear’ on my computer screen), characters, plots, subplots, inspirations; anything is fair game, making your experience as personal as you want it to be!

What can you expect?
  • Unique and beautifully constructed book covers in print ready and ebook formats.
  • Fast response, general publishing advice and overall a hugely personal experience.
Interested? Message me! :)

Note: I grant full lifetime commercial use of the artwork to each client and retain the copyright to any artwork created (the right to say that I designed the artwork and the right to display the artwork in my portfolio).

I will do book cover design, book cover or ebook cover design

By xee_designs1

★★★ Professional book cover design, ebook covers, & book cover ★★★

This is not another boring description, I know exactly what you need :

If you are an author or a publisher, then you surely know that all ebooks need an amazing cover. Let's be Honest, books with good graphics & eye-catching fonts sell more copies.

I am Xee, having 3 years of experience in Kindle covers, ebook covers, and Print book cover design.

My job is to make sure that your Book cover stands out, your satisfaction is my goal.

Why choose this Gig?
  • Experienced and professional
  • I ask, Listen and Understand
  • Passionate about what I do
  • Quick response
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Simply put, I care!

What you get:
  • Creative book cover design
  • Free UNLIMITED REVISIONS for all clients
  • High Resolutions files included (JPEG, PNG, and Printable PDF Formats)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free 3D Version
For any questions or information, please see FAQs or message me


ebook cover design | book cover design | Kindle cover | Ingramspark | Lulu | Kdp | Paperback | Hardcover | Blurb | kindle Book Cover | Audiobook | 3d book cover | ebook | Jacket cover |

I will create a beautiful book cover, book design, cover design

By lauurra

- KINDLE/EBOOK and PRINT READY COVERS with professional quality -
  1. - Book Cover
  2. - Amazon
  3. - Createspace
  4. - Ebook
  5. - Kindle
  6. - Print Ready
  7. - KDP
I will design you an Professional and evecatchingBook, Ebook Cover, Kindle, Amazon, KDP Cover. You will receive files in .JPG, PNG, PDF and PSD so you can maneuver with the file as you please.

All you have to do is send me your additional informations if you wish to add extra further ideas. I'm open for discussion as i put a friendly communication in account.

Text formatting for E-book or Paperback by asking!

Basic Package includes just the front E-book cover in a simple way. 
Standard Package includes front, spin and back cover with KDP specifications
Premium includes eBook and Print book cover for KDP

Please send in a message, if you have something you want to discuss before purchasing this gig.
In the end you can withdraw or refund the price if you feel like it's not working, but i doubt it will come this far.

Best regards.


I will do killer book cover design, book cover, book cover

By alamtwaha

Hi Friend

You're Not Going to read another boring Description!

✪ 24 hrs Delivery ✪ Unlimited Revisions ✪ Premium Stock Image ✪

This Gig for:
  • Book Cover Design
  • E-book Cover
  • Kindle Cover
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Createspace
  • Ebook
  • Kindle Book Cover
The features of My Services:

✪ Friendly Communication
✪ Creative & Dynamic Design
✪ Unlimited Revisions (For all Clients)
✪ 3D Mockup Preview
✪ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money back
✪ Pixel Perfect Design Ready to Print & For Web
✪ VIP Support 24/7

I'm here to design Creative & Dynamic Book covers which will grow your business to the next Level. Can't-Wait to work with you

Still thinking what to do?

Let's Discuss your ideas before starting the project.

Caution: Please DO not order if you want nude images in the cover.


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