Top Ebook File Conversions Services, Epub Formatting & Kindle Publishing

Top Ebook File Conversions Services, Epub Formatting & Kindle Publishing

Ebooks are a great way to share knowledge. With the vast world of digital formats, there are many ways to share your content with readers. Files like PDF and ePub both have benefits that make them worth consideration.

Goodbye PDF, Hello EPUB: The Benefits of Converting Your Content to the EPUB Format. The EPUB format is a digital file format for e-books and provides an open, XML-based standard for distributing, rendering, and reading electronic books.

There are a few things to keep in mind when formatting your content for the EPUB file format. First is that the document should be written using a valid XML 1.0 DTD with an XHTML 1.1, HTML4 or HTML5 doctype header; you should use CSS styles instead of tables for layout; each chapter or section must have its own title (which is not just "Chapter One" or "Section One"), and the text should be indented with two spaces to create paragraphs.

Hire freelancers that can convert files from one type to another. They are able to convert any file - no matter the size or file type.

Here are the Top 10 Ebook File Conversions Services on Fiverr Marketplace

I will do book cover, book layout formatting, ebook conversion

ebook conversion

By josepepitojr

If you’re looking to self-publish a book, this is the perfect gig for you!

What do you get for each package offered?


  • Print-Ready Full Cover
  • Front Cover
  • Spine
  • Back Cover
  • 3D Cover


  • Print-Ready Interior Formatting PDF (limitation: Plain Texts, up to 5 images, less than 50,000-word count)
  • Print-Ready Full Cover
  • Front Cover
  • Spine
  • Back Cover
  • 3D Cover
  • Print-Ready Interior Formatting PDF (limitation: Plain Texts, up to 5 images, less than 50,000-word count)
  • eBook File (EPUB or MOBI)

Still can't select what package is best for you? Hit me on my INBOX and I can create a custom offer for you.

What do I need from you so we can proceed with the order?

  • Final Manuscript (in Word Doc format)
  • Book Genre (eg. Christian, Fiction, Business..)
  • Book Size (eg. 6x9 in)
  • Book Title
  • Subtitle (optional)
  • Author's Name
  • Book Cover Concept (eg. color theme, style, instructions, sample)
  • Back Cover Text (eg. Synopsis, Blurb, About the Author)
  • Interior Layout Concept

NOTE: I use Adobe tools to create designs for both cover and interior. If you wish to get source files it is in Adobe Indesign and Photoshop format.

Get in touch with me now to turn your publishing dream into reality.

I will do the ebook conversion from PDF, word, indesign into epub and kindle formats

indesign into epub and kindle formats

By hajath

Rated #1 on Fiverr for the best ebook conversion service and already completed 7000+ orders.

We are the leading ebook conversion service provider and have 12+ years of experience. We convert any format to any format in a professional, fast, and cost-effective manner.

We love developing beautiful eBooks that flow easily from page to page and allow users to read your words effortlessly without any unnecessary distractions.

You will receive

1) a .mobi or .kpf file that works for earlier and newer Kindles,

2) a valid EPUB file that works for all the other eReaders. You can upload our epub file to all ebook stores including Apple iBookstore, Nook, Google Play store, Kobo, Smashwords, and much more.

3) a clickable Table of Contents, and

4) an embedded copy of your cover

Important note: Most of the service providers are simply convert the book using automated tools that may cause trouble after some period. But we do hand code the book manually by using HTML and CSS. So, the text will flow correctly on different readers and respond to individual readers' use of available fonts and sizes.

All the completed files are checked by our QA team before the final delivery.

I will format and convert word doc to ebook kindle mobi, kpf, epub or print PDF

epub or print PDF

By rakib_6747

Getting your book ready for self-publishing can be a daunting task! But today, if you wish to publish that in all the major platforms, then I am here to assist you!

I have vast experience in publishing ebook over Amazon KDP Store, Lulu, IngramSpark, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook book, Smashwords and CreateSpace.

I will hand format your document, ensuring that it is ready for publication across all digital e-reader such as Kindle, iPhone, Android and Windows. Your document will be returned to you in epub/mobi/kpf/pdf format.

I have completed book formatting & conversion services for the following platforms:

  • ✿ CreateSpace
  • ✿ Amazon KDP
  • ✿ Smashwords Premium Catalog
  • ✿ Apple iTunes
  • ✿ Barnes & Noble
  • ✿ IngramSpark
  • ✿ Kobo
  • ✿ Lulu
What will you get from me?

  • ✔ Enhanced typesetting
  • ✔ Fixed layout/Reflowable format
  • ✔ Hierarchical Clickable Table of Contents, toc & Back button
  • ✔ Clickable footnotes/endnotes
  • ✔ Panel View support
  • ✔ Re-sizable fonts and changeable text and background colors
  • ✔ Navigation Control file for XML
  • ✔ Validated ebook

☞ Please contact me first if your book manuscript is other than word file.

☞ Your file would be 100% safe & secure.

I will convert and format your book ebook for kindle, epub, mobi, pdf

format your book ebook for kindle

By frazbhatti765

Hi Dear Client!

You are Landed in Professional Place.

Here, I will provide you book/ebook formatting services for Amazon Kindle,  Lulu, Ingramspark and Smashwords. I will professionally format your book in EPUB, MOBI, WORD DOC, and PDF.

If you have Poetry, Recipe, Comic, Workbook, or Children's books, please contact me. Custom order needed.

I am a Professional eBook publisher. These features will include in my services:

  • Images & Bleed Images
  • Clickable Table of Content (TOC)
  • Drop Caps
  • Clickable Hyperlinks
  • Headers and Footers with Different Style
  • Content Styling, Alignment, and Formatting
  • Layout and Designing for print book in any page trim size
  • 100% Verified Kindle or Paperback


  • Word, PDF, or Images to Amazon Kindle Formatting (ePub, Mobi, KPF)
  • Word, PDF or Images to Paperback/Createspace Formatting (Word Docx and PDF)
  • Word, PDF, or Images to Lulu Formatting (ePub), Smashwords (ePub)

You get:

  • 100% Satisfaction or Refund
  • High-Quality Work 
  • Extra Fast Delivery time
  • 100% Accuracy and Error-Free Work

If you got any problem (query) with ordering you can feel free to contact me.


I will do ebook conversion from PDF, word, indesign into epub and kindle formats

epub and kindle formats

By noemijakab

I'm editing eBooks for Amazon's Kindle, Ingram, and other platforms on a daily basis and I can guarantee the professional quality your book deserves.

The price includes an EPUB file compatible with Amazon's Kindle and all major eBook platforms like iBooks, B&N's Nook, Ingram, Google Play Books, etc.

It also includes clickable TOC, hyperlinks, and if applies footnotes, index, embedded fonts, etc.

This offer is for 50 pages. Please fill in the 'Enter Page Count' field for an accurate price.

All the eBooks are manually edited/converted and tested, they pass the latest ePub-check, and are accepted by all eBook-publishing platforms.

I provide post-project support - if anything needs to be changed, even months after the project, just let me know.

If possible I'd like to avoid recipe and poetry books.

Note: If you'd like marketing material, PDF design, brochure, etc. Please consider a PDF designer instead.

Publishers: If you are a publisher, and have a high or consistent volume of books for me, I'm more than happy to work with you.

If you choose my services I can deliver your eBook in the highest quality, without errors, ready for online publishing.

Thanks for considering me,


I will do ebook formatting, ebook format for kindle and epub

ebook format for kindle and epub

By julia_ebook


Welcome to my page, and thanks for stopping by! If you are looking for to format your documents for various ebook platforms like Amazon Kindle(MOBI), Andriod, Smashwords, IngramSpark, lulu(EPUB), CreateSpace, and many more. Then you are at the right spot, look no further.

Accepted file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, 

(For PDF formats, Please contact me first)

We can format your ebook to any ebook format:

  • Epub
  • Amazon Kindle
  • CreateSpace
  • PDF
  • MOBI
  • AZW

Your final document will look 100% professional with a hyper-linked, Clickable Table of Contents.

Some of my key features:

  • Professional design and layout of your pages, with the correct title, paragraph and text styling applied.
  • Header and Footers, Drop Cape, Recto formatting as per requirement
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% guarantee approved by Amazon.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Clickable TOC and active weblinks

I will do books conversion to any ebook or paperback format

any ebook or paperback format

By maria_tariq_

Hey all,
If you need to format and convert your book for upload on Amazon KDP (Kindle & Paperback) or IngramSpark, you are reading the right gig.
I will do conversion of PDF, DOC, DOCX, into MOBI, EPUB & PDF Printable version and vice versa.
With nominal rates, I assure you of the best professional handling of your project. Delivery will be swift and free of errors. I will also provide free 3D mockup for your book cover as well, if required.

Some Requirements from you:
  • Your manuscript
  • Cover for eBook to create a free 3D Mockup
  • Which format u require?
  • How much time do you have?
Important Note:
Not limited to No of Pages…. but limited to 1 Book per gig…
I reassure you of absolutely devoted effort, exceptional productivity, and swift provision.
Waiting to hear from you.

Best Regards,
Eager to have a highly regarded working bond.

I will do ebook conversion from PDF to epub or kindle

PDF to epub or kindle

By mohamedhussam1

I'm working for a local E-Book conversion company here in Egypt for more than 3 years and I decided to take this step and to work on Freelancing platform. You would notice my work here properly as I have experience in that field (I Doubt).
  • The price includes all the file formats you may need (Kindle format for Amazon's Kindle; ePub for Apple's iBooks, B&N's Nook, Lulu & Nuke).
  • I can guide you through the uploading & publishing process throughout all possible E-book Publishing platforms. 
  • All the eBooks are manually edited, converted, and tested, they pass the latest ePub-check, and are accepted by all eBook-publishing platforms (links and Index page).
  • Clickable ToC.
  • I Can offer a Preview for your file before we start.
Please if your E-book is a Comic book, Children's Book or Graphical book. Please contact me before placing the order. Since these types of e-books require a lot of work to convert. So I will give you a quote about that.

I will format paperback, ebook, amazon kindle, epub, KDP book formatting

KDP book formatting

By baqir3795

Looking for an excellent and fast Book formatting service?

*** Welcome! You are at the right place ***

Please! read the description carefully, it will save a lot of your precious time later.

This gig offers print book and ebook formatting services for:
  • Amazon KDP
  • IngramSpark
  • Smashwords
  • Lulu
  • Barnes and noble
  • Draft2digital and many others.
Book Formatting Includes:
  • Manual inspection of Word file
  • Cleaning and removal of hidden formatting
  • Title page
  • Table of contents (clickable for ebook)
  • Headers, footers and page numbers (for print book)
  • Decent and Attractive headings
  • Suitable paragraph and line spacing
  • Drop caps (optional)
  • Aligned and balanced Images and tables
  • Delivery of ready to publish epub, kpf (for ebook) and PDF ( for print books)
I need the following from you:
  • Final manuscript (MS Word file) / high resolution images (for picture book)
  • Mention the platform on which you want to publish your book
  • Mention whether you want ebook or print book formatting
  • Mention trim size (for a print book)
*** Message me for any confusion or if your book is a picture book, recipe book, comic book, children's book etc. because such books require custom quotes. ***

I will do ebook file conversion epub, amazon kdp

file conversion epub, amazon kdp

By authormarket

I will convert your Word docs or PDF file into ePub, ePub3, Mobi, or KPF. Fast delivery with unlimited revisions.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Your ePub ebook will be supported on Amazon KDP publishing or any other ebook publishing platform. You can read your ebook in any software that opens an ePub file.

It doesn't matter how many pages you have in your ebook.

You need to give me a formatted ready-to-publish book manuscript in word file for better file conversion. If you have a comic or children's book then a print-ready PDF file will be better. You can also send me InDesign or any other format source file.

Words (Docs, Doc, Open Docs, etc format) to Epub
Or, PDF to Epub

Contact me if you have any questions.
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