Best Book Marketing Services for Self-Published Authors, Amazon Kindle

Best Book Marketing Services for Self-Published Authors, Amazon Kindle

When you publish a book, it is not just the responsibility of the author to promote it. There are a lot of things that can be done to help turn the book into a bestseller.

Book marketing is a lifelong process, not just something done in the few months before publication. Marketing for books should begin as soon as an idea for one is conceived, and continue through its life on bookshelves and beyond.

Book marketing is a process of promoting the book to the people who might be interested in reading the book. It is not only about selling and distributing the books but also about making sure that people are aware of their existence.

Book marketing can be done through various channels, such as social media, traditional media like newspapers, magazines, and radio talk shows, as well as online platforms like blogs and websites. If you are looking for an expert to help you market your book, with the right skills and knowledge, this is the right article for you.

What do we mean by marketing? Marketing is more than just advertising. It’s a set of strategies that create value by building awareness and customer demand. It is the process of planning, executing, and maintaining activities because they support a company’s overall business objectives as well as its sales, profit, or market share goals.

A book marketing expert can help you market your books in many ways like:

  • Developing a strategic plan to identify your audience
  • Creating an editorial calendar with specific social media posts
  • Selecting communication channels based on budget
  • Select which mediums will be the most effective for book marketing.

Book marketing consists of multiple small marketing or book promotional methods that help you achieve your goal in long run. For example, you can do book marketing using social media free/paid promotion, content marketing, influencer marketing, etc. You can plan for a book marketing strategies based on your still, time, and budget. I will recommend focusing on a few marketing methods that work for your book or are working for other authors in your genre.

Here are the best Book Marketing Services on Fiverr

I will launch and do marketing for your book or ebook

marketing for your book or ebook

By marks_studio

Welcome to my book launch and book marketing service

“Build it and they will come” is advice that rarely works when trying to sell books.

Amazon is full of self-published authors with books that have barely made any sales.

If you want your book to succeed, to get into the hands of readers, to potentially achieve bestseller status…. you need a book launch and book marketing plan.

After all, you’ve already spent months (or even years) crafting your manuscript.

You’ve also spent a small fortune on a book cover, hiring an editor, proofreading, formatting, and other related expenses.

The last thing you need after all you’ve invested is for your book to fail, to make exactly zero sales.

Okay, you might make a few, to friends and family. But that’s not why you wrote your book, right?

Who should hire me?

Authors who are looking for a comprehensive book launch and book marketing strategy to reach readers
Authors who want to outsource book launch and book marketing work to an Expert
Too many authors write incredible books, only to fail at getting them in the hands of readers. If you are serious about your book making an impact then message now

I will write a selling kindle book description

selling kindle book description

By snirz94

⭐️Earn UP TO EXTRA $100-$2000 PER MONTH with Your Books! ⭐️

Your book description is a salesman.
It is standing there in front of the buyers, explaining why they need to buy your book.
With my 8 years of experience in COPYWRITING & SELF-PUBLISHING, I know EXACTLY how to write a book description that makes people BUY.

⭐️HOW I DO IT ⭐️

I research your target audience. I Learn about their pain points.
Then, I write a book description so good the readers feel STUPID for giving your book a pass.


✅ I wrote a gig description on Fiverr that makes more than $100k/year
✅ I'm still making $1500/m from books I published 5 years ago
✅ Read the reviews - 99% of the buyers love this gig

And if that's not enough...


Didn't like the work? We'll send you a refund - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
So what have you got to lose? The risk IS ON ME!

๐Ÿ‘‰Click on "Continue" and GET YOUR HOT BOOK DESCRIPTION! ๐Ÿ‘‰
Still not so sure?
๐Ÿ‘‡Click on "Contact Me" Below for a FREE CONSULTATION!๐Ÿ‘‡

I will coach you on a killer indie book launch and marketing strategy

book launch and marketing strategy

By ben_bkm

Struggling to get readers and sales consistently? 
Do not worry, these problems are common in the world of self-publishing. Among the millions of books out there, how can yours possibly make an impact?
The answer is simple… Easily.

Hello, I'm Ben from England. I am an Indie author who has self-published lots of books, regularly on the bestseller lists and to date, have shifted thousands of books. I can help your book achieve its potential. 

Basic Gig: 
  • 30 minutes coaching via Zoom. 
  • A killer book launch strategy guide following our Zoom call. 
  • The Indie Author’s “Game Changer” Toolkit.
Standard Gig:
  • All the stuff in the Basic Gig. 
  • An additional 30 mins via Zoom on indie book marketing methods that crush
  • A tailored book marketing plan following our zoom call 
  • Membership to the 10-step Indie book marketing support group 
  • I will research the best niche categories for your ebook (UK/US)
  • Provide Keyword research strategy
Premium Gig:
  • All the stuff above
  • I will research the best converting keywords for you
  • KDP support 
  • Optimized Book Description
  • Email Marketing Strategy

On a Budget? Get the Ultimate Book Marketing System Now! (My other gig). Do not miss out!!!

I will do an amazing book trailer

amazing book trailer

By xpressvideos

We will do an amazing Video Trailer for your Book special optimized for Social Media (Facebook, YouTube) and Amazon.

I can manually submit your Video to get more potential buyers to 80 Video sharing Websites like Vimeo, DailyMotion and so on...

We work only with royalty free footages, images and music background, so you will not have any problems uploading the video on the internet.

We will need only the Book cover and a short Book description. 

You can contact us and we will prepare one Video sample for FREE.
We can also write the video script for you.

Also, for an additional small extra gig, we can make a 3D Cover for your Book (you need to have already a flat or 2D cover).
If you need voiceover for your trailer please CONTACT US FIRST!  This is an extra service and is NOT INCLUDED in any of our packages!

SUPER DEAL: For only 20$/year we can host your video with an ACTIVE CALL TO ACTION link to your Amazon page or Website! For samples or more info please CONTACT US FIRST.

I will make a summary of a book in english or spanish

summary of a book in english

By alfrethor

Hello, I will make a summary of any book, article or paper that you need, in the shortest time possible and with the highest quality of content. People will think that you read the book. I have experience making summaries, that is because I make them for me and my classmates at the university, and they have made us get very high notes in exams. Also, I am a native Spanish speaker, which makes me capable of doing the summary also in Spanish.

I will create amazing 3d book cover mockup in 20 different styles

amazing 3d book cover mockup

By maxsolution

Only $5


I will transform 2D book cover in to a realistic 3D cover with High Resolution and super high QUALITY, making your cover will be 100% unique.
  •  20 Different Mockup Styles 
  •  Realistic High Quality Picture in JPG/PNG format
  •  Free Modification
Order now and let me know if have any questions, I'm always happy to help you. 

GIG Requirements: Send me your existing Book cover in JPG, PNG, PDF, PSD format with high quality.

Thank you

I will build a bookfunnel, list building, author marketing

build a bookfunnel

By booklaunchmap

Bookfunnel is a great way to build an email list for authors. Bookfunnel can help you connect with your readers. You use it for ARC (advance review copy) list building, free ebook giveaways, sending extra resources to readers, Facebook ads, and much more.

I will design a landing page with autoresponder (ex. MailChimp) integration and up to 5 email marketing sequence setups.

I will design a book funnel page for your book and host it on my own website.
You will get a URL that you can use to promote on social media. No need for a domain name as the funnel will be on my website.
Your book funnel will be integrated with your own autoresponder.

I will host your bookfunnel on my webserver and use your domain name.
You need a domain name but no need for a hosting service.
You will get login info to manage your book funnel.
There will be a $50 yearly cost for hosting your book funnel from the second year.

If you have a domain name and hosting service then I will use that to build a bookfunnel with autoresponder integration. I will set up 5 email marketing sequences for you.

Please contact me before placing an order.

I will provide a to z self publishing and book marketing services

self publishing and book marketing services

By authormarket

Get complete self-publishing and marketing services. You just send us your manuscript and we will take care of everything.

Basic: Book cover design, Book formatting, ebook conversion, maximum book distribution, write an author bio, book description, book listing optimization on Amazon.

Standard: Organic book promotion, social media marketing, paid advertisement (Amazon ads, Facebook ads, Bookbab ads, etc), press release, book funnel design.

Premium: Author website design, author branding, email marketing, build an email list, author social media account setup & optimization, 4 guest posts on the book blog, and much more.

Services that we don't provide: Book Editing, Book Proofreading, and Audiobook recording.

Please contact us for a brief description of our A to Z Self Publishing and Book marketing services.

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