Top 10 Paid Book Promotion Services on Fiverr for Indie Authors

Top 10 Paid Book Promotion Services on Fiverr for Indie Authors

Good book promotion will make all the difference between a stagnant book and one that continues to climb up the bestseller lists. Some of the ways you can promote your book are Book reviews, Social Media, Blogging, Speaking engagements, interviews, and other media appearances.

It is crucial to have a few reliable book promotional sites on your list of go-to resources. You can spend time researching the internet looking for free services and come across a lot of them. However, it would be wise to narrow down your search and find the best sites to promote your books. You can do paid advertisements like Amazon ads and Facebook ads to promote your book. There are book niche websites that you can find online which provide paid promotion ads placement on their website and email campaign.

There are many benefits of using book promotion sites to help you sell your books. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Filling that niche market gap
  2. Gaining recognition as an author or publisher
  3. Encouraging word of mouth advertising
  4. Building up your e-mail list for future marketing campaigns

For authors who want to promote their books and make them worldwide success, the role of a book promotional service is crucial. These services can help the author in any ways they need to, even if they are looking for someone who can help them with marketing or with legal issues. They also provide assistance in all aspects of getting published, from editing and formatting texts to designing book covers and author websites.

A book promotional service is an integral part of many publishing houses because in order for an author's work to reach millions, it needs more than just a great idea for a book. It needs someone who can come up with great ideas for marketing campaigns; someone who can provide connections in the publishing world; and someone who will always have their back if something goes wrong, like legal issues or copyright infringement

Here are the Top 10 Paid Book Promotion Services on Fiverr

I will promote your book and create your amazon bestseller

create your amazon bestseller

By outsidebox

Welcome fellow self-published author!

Let me help you become the next Bestseller!
Who am I? I am a professional writer specializing in helping authors promote their books on Kindle in a way that ensures strategic placement and maximum reach! In order for your book to sell, people need to see it and I specialize in getting your book in front of as many people as possible!

Book sales come from a proven strategy, and I get a kick from seeing a client's book on the number one spot! I have done this before and I want to do so again!

What I can do for you:
  • Promote your book to over 250.000 active kindle readers.
  • Create your own Marketing Campaign on Amazon.
  • Optimize your book to increase your bestseller ranking.
  • Offer you many tips and tricks to increase your sales.
Don't waste all the time and energy you invested into your book, by not using a proven plan!

Please note: It is IMPORTANT that your book is published through your own KDP account.
Message me and ask for about my book competition ANALYSIS (Amazon KDP only).

What are you waiting for? Message me or order straight away and let the SALES begin!

I will promote and market your free book on our website

market your free book on our website

By bknights

We are the legendary bknights team with over 14,000 positive reviews! Check it out! This gig is for website and newsletter placement  NOT social media posting of any kind.

You can ignore the fiverr 14 day deadline- we can schedule orders with 48 hours notice! (24 if you use the express option). I am an author and consultant with over 5 years of promoting my own works and the works of others. For $5 I will work with my team to market your ebook on our site that has over 5,500 daily unique visits during your FREE promo!

Our list was created from organic links and traffic throughout our numerous email newsletters and sign up links. This list was hand built over 2+ years with links through our own works and double opt in list building through mailchimp. 

Our list of readers are looking for the best free and discounted books available each day. We recommend ordering this gig 48 hours before your promo period begins.

I will promote your book on my blog as the book of the day

promote your book on my blog

By melissacaudle

I will promote your book as BOOK OF THE DAY. There are three spots available -- top billing at the top of page, which is an extra gig, second position, or third position posting.

NOTE: I often post up to three BOOK OF THE DAY, so if you want your posting at the top of the blog for that day, purchase the extra gig. ALL POSTINGS have their individual permanent links so that you may always find them.

With this gig comes two mock-up ads. Note: I will have to choose according to your book's genre, and a cover reveal trailer. If you have a children's book, I will make an adjustment to include a child if at possible.

Once these graphics are created, you may use them commercially on your website and social media.

Once your BOOK OF THE DAY has been posted I also provide you a permalink to it so that you may find it. You can share this link on your social media sites and your website to create a backlink.

I will do viral amazon book promotion, kindle book advertising and ebook marketing

viral amazon book promotion

By mdnurulamin1

Welcome to my book promotion service
Do you need high quality professional book marketing and advertising in a short time? If so, this service is the right choice for you.
I am a professional digital marketer and expert in any book promotion, e-book, Kindle book and Amazon book marketing. I will be marketing and advertising Amazon Kindle books, adventure, audiobooks, children, poetry, romance and any book marketing.

I have considerable work experience in book advertising and marketing
So I know all the tricks and tips about book advertising.
How to advertise to millions of active and targeted readers on all social media sites in a short time.

My book marketing service
  • ☑️Worldwide book Promotion in active readers
  • ☑️Write an effective description
  • ☑️very nice book mockup design
  • ☑️Real audience any target location
  • ☑️Book related keyword research
  • ☑️Real and Organic Traffic for Your Book website

On all those Social Media Platforms I will do book marketing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Blog site
Why accept my service
  • On time delivery
  • All time customer support
  • High level marketing work
  • 100% Buyer Satisfaction
  • Providing live and screenshots link 
  • No spam post

I will promote your book or kindle for 1 week

promote your book or kindle

By pronomics

Kindle or paperback book promotion!
Have your Book or Novel promoted for 1 week (7 days). 
Your book will be in front of thousands of readers through fan-pages, websites and groups.

Your book will also be displayed on our popular Book of Month Blog for 1 week.
Simple and easy. You just send us the info and we do the rest.

What you will get:
  • ~Post with your book cover, description and purchase link.
  • ~ Post is up on our front page of our Book of the Month Blog for 1 week
  • ~After the promotion is complete your book posting is permanent in our category archives for 1 year.
Look forward to working with you.
Order Today!

I will promote your book on our quality website, book marketing

book on our quality website

By joelbooks

This gig is for posting your book on our quality book lover website (16,000+ unique visitors per month). The post is permanent with one link to your book's Amazon/B&N/Kobo page.

We are actively present in book marketing since 2017 and we decided to help for aspiring authors who just published their first work. 

Our website has mainly traffic from the US and UK.
We also accept orders to German language books to our .de site.
Check the difference between promoting with Simple or Visually Rich creatives in our gig gallery.

Please note, we could only promote quality works on our website, please if you are first-time author send us your book's amazon link for a quick check in a message. We reserve the right to refuse and refund orders, where the book doesn't meet our quality standards.

What we will need?
  1. Good quality book cover image
  2. Book's genre
  3. Personal message from author to readers (optional)
  4. Amazon/B&N etc. link of your book
Not accepted:

Erotica, Terrorism, Drug-related, Politics, Religious ideology, Journals, Books under 80 pages (except Children's books), PDF books or books only available on the author's website

I will promote your book, ebook, kindle book promotion on social media

book promotion on social media

By amazonez

Hello! Welcome to my Gig.

If you looking for a professional marketer? you're in right place. We will share your book, ebook on popular social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and some of the email sending groups, blogs, and forum posts. We will drive you web traffic to your website. If you want to get real organic USA, Canada, UK, England, or worldwide targeted website marketing to increase business profit and Alexa rank contact us. We provide 24/7 online help and support for customer satisfaction. Our every social media post is SEO friendly content and uses useful hashtags.

Marketing type:
  1. Apply SEO friendly keyword
  2. Use Important hashtags
  3. Targeted countries
  4. Targeted audience
  5. Nice keyword selection
Our marketing platforms:
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Instagram
  5. Video sharing Blog (Website)
Benefits of the service:
  • Real organic people from Facebook Twitter.
  • 100% engagement with the social media audience.
  • Niche Related Campaign for Targeted Followers.
  • 24/7 support for help and service.
  • I'll provide you multiple screenshots of marketing
  • Thank you.

I will promote your book, ebook or kindle

I will promote your book

By agustinafrances

Hello, readers and writers. My name is Agustina.

If you're reading this book promoting gig, is because you finished writing your book and need my help to increase the exposure, or you are going to be published. Congratulations!

It doesn't matter if you're a book editor or an indie author, or a ghostwriter, you need to start promoting your book. Don´t worry! I'm here to help you do that.

I work as a reviewer for local publishers such as PRH, Océano, Urano, and indie authors. I'm also a bookstagrammer, which means I am an Instagram influencer in the book's niche.

  • BASIC | 1 story on IG | $10
  • STANDARD | 5-day on IG | $20
  • PREMIUM | 7-day on IG | $40
  • Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Horror
  • Paranormal
  • Mystery
  • Music
  • Thrillers
  • Science Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • self-help
  • children story
  • comic book
  • Children's book
  • Marketing
  • Erotica
  • Memoir
  • Business
  • Biography
  • Graphic novels
  • Psychology
|IMPORTANT| I can´t guarantee sales because it'll be an organic promotion and I can´t force people to do it, but I'll share your work with all my followers and try to catch their attention. 

Thank you so much for reading and contacting me

I will create a book promotion page with interview on my blog

promotion page with interview on my blog

By alanlawson

Permanent Book promotion page on my blog, which I will promote to my followers, and you can share with your friends and family to help encourage sales!

Permanent professional page to showcase your book!
Tweeted to over 6k naturally grown Twitter followers! 
Emailed to my 6K website subscribers when your page is published.
I do not promote: Erotica, investment books

Basic package:
  • Book details
  • About the Author
  • Link to Buy
  • Book Cover image and Featured Image
  • 1 tweet sent from YourBookBooster
  • 1 Emailed to website subscribers
Standard package:
  • Basic Package, Plus
  • Author Interview (text-based) - 5 Questions
Premium package:
  • Standard Package, Plus
  • Book featured on my Book-Boost blog home page
Spotlight Posts:
This is a larger featured image of your post on the Book-Boost Home page - it can help attract attention to your page.

Search Engine Optimisation will help attract attention to your page based on keywords used. Any text you provide may be updated to help SEO.

Order Questions:
Please do not add questions when responding to order requirements. Please send a message to ensure I don't miss :)

I will do book promotion and amazon, ebook, kindle

book promotion and amazon

By ahmedsharif760

>>>>>>>>>Welcome to my Book promotion Gigs<<<<<<<<<<<<

Congratulations! Many of your books have been published and many more are in the works. We know that no matter how many books are published, people will not get them until they are promoting. No thought, I will promote your book to millions of targeted peoples.

What Involved In My Gig:-
  • Amazon ads marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • E-mail campaign
  • Social media
  • Classified ads
  • Backlinks
  • Any image marketing

My Strategy Not Limited:-

Website scrapping for a targeted niche and location
Design an email campaign lead magnet, automation.
I will do an ROI and T&T blasting to your targeted niche and location

I will create social media account
I will do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram post to boost brand awareness

I will post your book on my website and some of the top-rated website backlinks

Any kinds of book
Romance book
Kindle book

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